Hello everyone!

First I would like to thank you for taking time out to read and consider my situation. I am 26 years old and have been struggling to get pregnant with my finace of 5 years for almost 4 years now. After so many high hopes tarnished by negative pregnancy test I decided to go to involve my doctor to run some test. I went in for an ultra sound to ensure that all was in working condition to only be devasated, she explained to me that it was almost impossible for me to concieve naturally. I have severe scaring in my filopian tubes that makes it impossible for one of my eggs and his sperm to meet so i can concieve. I was in shock! I love children and all ive ever wanted was to have a child to love and care for and now that dream felt out of reach. As tears rolled down my cheek, she went on explaining to me that the only way for me to get pregnant was to go through a procedure called IVF in better words the specialist would do the work. They would remove my tubes extract an egg and a sperm from him introduce them in a lad and re insert them in me. Sounds easy enough right? Well, as soon as i could get my self together and accept that this was my life now and to get what ive always wanted i would do what i always did...work hard to get it. I began looking into this IVF thing she talked about, i discovered my insurance only covers about 1/4 of medications and treatments the rest would be out of pocket. I do have a full time job but with my finace having a sleep disorder he is not physically able to work so i was left trying to cover the remainder of the co-pays myself (about $5,000 give or take) something that i knew i would not be able to do right now. Now more than ever i feel hopeless because i feel that without some financial support I will never be able to have that experiance, never know what its like to hug my child for the first time, never hear thier cry, and never know what it sounds for a little one to call me mommy. If you feel like you are the person to take part in helping me fufill my dream of having a family please feel free to lend a helping hand and for that i thank you a million and more, if you dont believe this is the right time for you i would also  wanna thank you for taking time out to hear my story! Blessings to all who have read this and hope i have touched your heart in some way!

My fiance and I
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